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Baksidesskydd för mobiltelefon - härdat glas, plastram, D3O Bio - svart, transparent - för Apple iPhone 15 Pro
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    • FSC -certified packaging = Comes in a box made of recyclable FSC -certified paper.
    • Wireless charging compatible = You can keep this case on and continue charging your device wirelessly. No worries.
    • Protected by D3O Bio = Featuring D3O Bio, the world's most advanced plant-based protection material – trusted to protect military elite forces and professional athletes alike.
    • Drop protection = Protects against crushing falls onto stone-hard pavements, unforgiving bathroom floors, and other device-smashing surfaces.
    • 2 x Military Grade Standard (MIL-STD-810H) = Tested with a drop height of 2.4 meters or a running-down-the-stairs-and-accidently-dropping-my-device kind of height.
    • Scratch resistant = Protects your device from scratching caused by the hazards of everyday life.
    • Shock resistant = Keeps your device safe from your everyday fumbling, dropping and screen cracking.
    • Longer lifespan = Extends the lifetime of your device, enabling you to enjoy it longer and give it to others when you no longer need it yourself.
    • Supporting ""Project Ocean"" = PanzerGlass will make a donation to The Perfect World Foundation's ""Project Ocean"", which is dedicated to protecting marine life and reducing plastic waste in the world's oceans.
    • Full access to all functions = Protects your device while still providing easy access to all button controls.
    • Anti-yellowing = Designed specifically to prevent yellowing, even after long time use.
    • Honeycomb pattern = The honeycomb pattern on the inside of the frame enhances shock absorption.
    Is your phone ready to face the hazards of everyday life? Made with D3O Bio, the world's most advanced plant-based protection material, trusted to protect military elite forces, this PanzerGlass ClearCase keeps your phone safe from drops, shocks and scratches. The back of the case is made of tempered glass, the frame of plastic with 44% plant-based content, and the whole case has been drop-tested according to 3 x Military Grade Standard. That means it can withstand several drops from a height of 3.6 meters or a running-down-the-stairs-and-accidently-dropping-your-phone kind of height. The ClearCase protects and prolongs the lifetime of your phone so that one day you can pass it on to someone else who will love it just as much as you do. This is one way of working toward a more sustainable future. Another is to use less packaging: For this case, we have managed to reduce the paper packaging by approximately 40%* compared to previous models. And like all our products, it comes in a recyclable FSC-certified box. The wireless charging compatible ClearCase features a soft frame in classic black combined with a transparent back cover made of tempered glass, which provides a clear view of your phone's beautiful design. For 360-degree phone protection, combine the case with a PanzerGlass screen protector and PanzerGlass PicturePerfect camera lens protector. *Estimated by comparing the paper weight with our 2022 packaging.
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